Want to know more about us

The beginning of EAGLE Learning

EAGLE Learning, standing for ‘Enhanced Access to Great Learning Experiences’ was birthed from the experiences at Hope Primary School in the Umguza district and Nduna Primary School in the Matobo district. These experiences made it clear that with the current population growth we are not going to meet the demand for the quantity or a quality of education that is needed for the new generation with physical schools and teachers. In recognition of this, EAGLE learning was birthed to find innovative learning solutions using e-learning platforms and other modern technology to give wide access to relevant education which prepares our children for life in the 21st century.

Our Mission

To collaborate with numerous partners to design, develop and deploy solutions that will see more vulnerable children accessing good quality, affordable education close to their dwellings with the outcome of better preparing them to be creative and productive citizens of Africa.

Our Vision

Relevant, affordable, accessible and accountable education for children from low to middle income households resulting in children who learn to learn with a kingdom perspective