What we do

Find out what we do at Eagle Learning Trust

Learning platform

A platform that allows teachers, facilitators, students and, their parents to access learning resources. Digital content, designed according to the syllabus by expert teachers, is stored on servers creating a Local Area Network and students access lessons using tablets. The platform consolidates and integrates existing content into learning modules that are easy for a student to follow.

Content is designed for children with little or no access to learning resources so that children develop a ‘growth mindset’ resulting in children who are CURIOUS, COURAGEOUS, CARING , CONTRIBUTORS to their communities

Lessons on the platform focus on autonomous problem solving, experience based learning and broadening horizons. Students are encouraged to search for answers instead of rote learning. Digital monitoring of Learner, Tutor and Teacher performance is available, increasing accountability and feedback on the Learner experience.


EAGLE develops e-learning content which is in line with the National Curriculum (Primary & Secondary) and ensures that Learners are 21st Century ready.

The content developed by EAGLE benefits even children in formal schools because it is engaging, practically relevant and linked to Zimbabwe's national curriculum and school-leaving examinations.

We carry out training for teachers so that they can develop digital content with the help of mentors in Computer Science and Graphic Design. We are concentrating, at this stage, on 5 school years (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of secondary and 7th year of primary school; all levels where students can read on their own).

Learning support groups | Building a community of learners

A program that seeks to provide a safe space for pupils to have access to quality education even though they might live far from formal schools. Tutoring is done in small groups and on top of the school curriculum, learners are given skills to know more about themselves and thereafter help them to make informed career choices.

We believe that given the right opportunities people have the unlimited potential to transform their communities and ultimately their nation

Facilitators like Chantelle and Nokukhanya are peer educators and are able to have lively discussions with kids involved in the program about other issues that affect teens.

Our EAGLE Learning teachers train and equip Tutors to assist the Learners. Teachers are not replaced, but can provide pedagogical support to more pupils through the program.

The EAGLE’s nest

Hardware that allows learning offline and off the grid. The “Nest” holds the tablets, recharges them through solar panels, and enables regular updating of content either remotely (USB) or through a 3G or satellite connection depending on the site.

Such digital technologies offer the potential to tackle some of the continent's chronic education challenges, including overcrowded classrooms and teacher shortages.

Game Based Learning

EAGLE also uses an active learning technique where games are used to enhance student learning. Here, the learning comes from playing the game and promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Games are meant to help prepare learners for exams in a fun and competitive way.