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Hope Secondary

This first term of 2020 saw huge leaps forward for Eagle Learning, including the successful opening of an e-learning secondary school! Hope Secondary School opened in January with 46 pupils and 3 teachers in a poor peri-urban region where the majority of teenagers don't continue their education beyond primary level. Using 60 Android tablets all connected to a server and 2 routers that create a wireless intranet network that covers the school made available by Eagle, Hope Secondary pupils are receiving all their lessons on site through e-learning.. The e-learning model enables Hope Secondary to keep the school fees affordable to our community since 3 teachers are able to deliver 7 O level subjects through the advantages of e-learning materials sourced and adapted from online. This model also encourages pupil engagement and participation through interactive lessons and group discussion forums.

The Hope teachers are a dedicated group of individuals who underwent training in how to prepare interactive e-learning lessons. For content not developed at Hope, the teachers play an evaluation role. They test the content because they are in constant contact with learners.

A friendship with a Wilearn, https://wilearn.org/, A Swiss NGO created in 2018 that develops multimedia education modules adapted to local context in Africa. They develop open-source, offline and off-grid modules with current activities in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Namibia. More information: www.wilearn.org, bears fruit. Hope schools also use a Wilearn kit. The projector helps bring learning to life in their classrooms, and they are able to showcase Bible based stories for the kids.

Students used EAGLE’s Nests during the COVID19 induced lockdowns. Even without electricity and access to the internet they were able to continue with their studies.

The High School currently enrolls over a 100 students. Teaching methods entirely based on e-learning are used.