Learning communities using technology to revolutionize education in Africa.
Many in Africa face a future without quality education for themselves or their children. EAGLE Learning is committed to meeting this need with our groundbreaking solution that makes education mobile.
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EAGLE Learning Groups are currently present in Zimbabwe with more locations to be added soon. Find a learning group near you by clicking here.

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Become a Mentor

Our students need passionate individuals to guide them on their education journey. Learn more about mentorships here.

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Give to the Cause

Our program is only made possible through charitable donations of smartphones, tablets, and computers. Contact us about a potential donation here.

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Stay Connected

The EAGLE Learning process is active and ongoing. Sign up for our newsletter here to get updates as that process unfolds.

The Problem

Africa has the fastest growing population ever recorded in human history. In the next 30 years, there will be 1.8 billion new learners in Africa alone. Most existing schools are already expensive and overcrowded, and neither of these problems are eased by this boom of new students. Without a consistent system to support their needs, the majority of these students/children/learners will go uneducated.

The Vision

The opportunity for Africa to lead the way in the fourth education revolution is here. EAGLE Nests and EAGLE Eggs provide learners with an advanced system of education, granting them the power to surpass their difficulties. Our unique model emphasizes both the importance of logic and reasoning and the cause of Christ to help students become courageous, curious, caring contributors to their communities. We have also prioritized affordability and accessibility, granting students access to life-changing learning experiences that can take place without a school building or classroom.

The Journey So Far

The EAGLE Learning system’s progress has only been made possible through the donations of people who believe in its mission. When people give their time to teach students or allow EAGLE to convert their old tech into learning devices, they are helping us take important strides forward in our journey to build a new system of education in Africa. We have over 10 different EAGLE Learning sites in operation so far, and we can’t wait to see that number grow with your help.